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Okra Pachadi

The words crunchy, indulgent and more-ish are rarely associated with weeknight meals but every one of these can be used to describe this okra pachadi. Add a few notches of excitement to a mid week dinner and serve these crispy … Continue reading

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Mushroom soup

Mushrooms are top on the list of divisive foods in our household and the battle lines are very clearly drawn. The little man and I can have mushrooms intravenously whereas the better half would much rather be clubbed on the … Continue reading

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Dhansaak is one of the flag bearers of Parsi cuisine. Traditionally, it is a one pot dish of lentils, meat and vegetables served with brown rice (caramelised rice).  This, however, is my quick and vegetarian adaptation of the popular Parsi … Continue reading

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Aunty Shelma’s soup

Aunty Shelma was a family friend and this story dates back to a rainy Mumbai evening when we went to bid her adieu before she emigrated to Canada. The evening was a long, chatty one as the adults couldn’t get … Continue reading

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Bhujne : one of the two dishes that every good PP kitchen must produce

Bear with me, I know the word does not trip off everyone’s tongue easily and my explanation below is a sort of an essay. But believe me when I say, that once you’ve eaten this dish you’ll be looking for … Continue reading

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