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A for Appe

The Befores and Afters theme kicks off with a slightly unusual and not very frequently made recipe. This dish also has the ability to switch forms from a ‘Before’ to an ‘After’: depending on whether you choose to make the … Continue reading

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W is for Watanyachi Khichadi (a spicy Peas Pulao)

Watanyachi Khichadi is served as part of the Shravani shanivar meal. The month of Shravan coincides with the Indian monsoon and is marked by vegetarian food (you can read about the reasons in this post). This khichadi, even in its … Continue reading

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Shirale- vataane bhaaji (Ridge gourd with peas)

Healthy, unusual and very tasty. Most people I spoke with have never heard of this combination, but nevertheless, it exists and is an essential part of a Shravani Somwar meal. It’s also perfect for a quick weekday meal and I … Continue reading

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Khaaravni or Raw Mango curry

Most Indians are familiar with mango pickles and jams and juices that are churned out a plenty in Indian households over the season. However, the raw mango curry called Khaaravni is a specialty of the Pathare Prabhu community. It is … Continue reading

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Batatyachi bhaaji or Potatoes– a million ways

I exaggerate but there well may be a million ways of cooking potatoes. As fellow potato lovers will know this is one ingredient that has been a life saver on those ‘what do I cook today’ days. I use potatoes … Continue reading

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Tikhat Rava or Spicy semolina

Tikhat Rava is not quite Upma but very similar to it since the base is semolina. This has been a favourite teatime snack ever since we were kids. It makes for a great brunch too. Serves : 3 as a … Continue reading

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