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Kaale chane or Black Chickpeas salad

This is a perfect, weather proof salad. Serve it cold in the summer and warm when the temperature starts to dive. The versatility doesn’t stop there. When we were kids,  mum used to serve this in tiny bowls as a healthy … Continue reading

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Summer salads

The PPs, as a tribe, do not do ‘salad for lunch’. It is merely an accompaniment. Something to cleanse the palate while enjoying our mains of fish or meat. In my Aji’s house, a ‘salad’ usually meant khamang kakdi or … Continue reading

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K is for Khamang Kakdi (Cucumber salad with crunchy peanuts)

Khamang Kakdi is another of my favourites from my mum and grandmum’s food arsenal. During the Mumbai summers, we were often urged to eat raw vegetables in the form of a salad. Great for cooling the system down, they said. … Continue reading

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