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Vaalache bhuznay

Kadve vaal (bitter field beans) are an acquired taste especially considering the effort that you need to put into them. They need to be soaked overnight or longer and then left to sprout for 2-3 days, rinsing in water every … Continue reading

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Soups, curries and one-pot meals: Easy school night dinners

For the month of April 2018, Varan-Bhaat wakes up from its slumber and takes a bit of a detour from traditional Pathare Prabhu recipes for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Our munchkin started Big School (that’s Year 1 for the uninitiated) and … Continue reading

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H is for Kelyacha Halwa (Banana Halwa)

Kelyacha halwa or halwa made from very ripe plantains is my Aji’s specialty. She made it a few times during the Indian monsoons, when the long red plantains (known as rajeli keli) are in season. We ate it as fudge, and Aji sometimes stuffed … Continue reading

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Ganpati special – Green Peas or Vataanyachi bhaaji

I wrote about the Ganpati celebrations at my grandparents’ home and the festivities that followed. If you’ve read about it here, you will have noticed the rather unusual menu for that day. There is a simple explanation to it. The … Continue reading

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Let’s go fly a kite..and celebrate Sankranti

I’m sure you’ve hummed that along as you watched Mary Poppins, but have you ever flown a  proper Indian kite? Sankranti, which is celebrated mid January, heralds the arrival of Spring in the Indian subcontinent and is a harvest celebration. You … Continue reading

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Back to basics

This post is dedicated to the coming week, 14th June through to the summer solstice on the 21st. The challenge is to eat ‘from scratch’. I can see many of you wondering ‘so what’s the big deal with that?’ It … Continue reading

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