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Kees – a Maharashtrian raw mango preserve

In our childhood, the excitement over the mango season began when the mango tree in our grandma’s garden started flowering. That was a sign of a good harvest, the promise of delicious summer meals that featured mangoes in their raw … Continue reading

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R is for ambe Rava ( Mango infused semolina)

Sweet shira or semolina is a popular sweet in Maharashtra. This particular variation is usually made at the height of the mango season using the pulp of the Alphonso mangoes. (As if we needed any more excuses to have any more … Continue reading

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Q is for a Quick dessert: Mango Fool

Mango fool is at the very top of my ‘dessert island’ list. It needs no effort at all – the only requirement is a love for mangoes, alphonso in particular. As kids we would wait all year for the summer months just to … Continue reading

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M is for Murumba (Raw Mango preserve)

Murumba, also known as murabba, is a popular way to preserve raw mangoes in India. It has a unique taste, thanks to the tartness of raw mangoes. The addition of spice gives it a sharpness that makes it quite different from jam. The … Continue reading

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Raising a toast to the Mango Season

This post celebrates ‘Panha’ (pronunced as ‘pun-her’), also known as Aam Panna in other parts of India – a cooling summer beverage made from raw mangoes also called ‘kairi’.   The mango season in India is almost too brief for most … Continue reading

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Aamrakhand – Mango flavoured shrikhand

If the Alphonso mango has arrived in the markets, can Aamrakhand be far behind? Not in our house for sure! We continue to revel in the mango season with this delectable combination of yogurt and mango puree. Traditionally eaten with … Continue reading

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