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J for Jeere-Mire (Cumin- Black pepper) Prawns

This is my version of the original ‘jeere- mire chicken’. I found this rather unusual dish in Nana’s recipe book but it was more ‘a notes to myself’ page than a recipe. I’ve substituted prawns for the chicken, but used … Continue reading

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G is for Chicken Gode

A Sunday lunch was always laid back and late (even by usual PP standards). The table would just groan under the weight of the food, but our young appetites did full justice to it. Gode (pronounced go-day or even go-duh) was the Sunday … Continue reading

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E is for Egg Bhuzane (Egg Curry)

My sister and I complement each other’s food tastes like the Yin and Yang. It used to drive our mum crazy, especially when she used to fry eggs for breakfast. I’ve never liked and still cannot bring myself to eat … Continue reading

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Bhujne : one of the two dishes that every good PP kitchen must produce

Bear with me, I know the word does not trip off everyone’s tongue easily and my explanation below is a sort of an essay. But believe me when I say, that once you’ve eaten this dish you’ll be looking for … Continue reading

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