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Paandhra Varan aka ‘No Turmeric’ dal

Dal without any turmeric is inconceivable, yet here is proof that it can be equally delectable. One from the Goan side of the family this time.  It remains a firm childhood favourite and still features on the request list for … Continue reading

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N for Nankhatais

No Christmas at home would be complete without these little powdery sugar pillows that melt in the mouth. It’s Nana’s recipe that mum modified. I’ve changed it slightly too. After all, every generation has to do its bit to claim ownership! … Continue reading

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J for Jeere-Mire (Cumin- Black pepper) Prawns

This is my version of the original ‘jeere- mire chicken’. I found this rather unusual dish in Nana’s recipe book but it was more ‘a notes to myself’ page than a recipe. I’ve substituted prawns for the chicken, but used … Continue reading

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C for Chicken Cafreal

I can truly say, hand on heart, that I have never eaten chicken Cafreal in my childhood. This dish often featured in stories about Marianne, reportedly an outstanding cook, and also the housekeeper of the ancestral home in Goa. My dad would … Continue reading

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X is for Xacuti

Xacuti is a rich coconut curry, served with classic Goan red rice, and best eaten with your fingers (so that you can lick them clean when you’re done). The very first bite will transport you to Goa – meals by the beach, … Continue reading

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C is for Cauliflower Caldine

Caldine is quite a popular Goan fish curry. Fish, coconut milk and turmeric, in combination with other spices, lend it its deceptively mild appearance. Again, I have modified this to make it a vegan dish. (Oh, the things I do for … Continue reading

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