A-Z 2016 Theme Reveal : Befores and Afters

A-Z 2016 Theme Reveal

A-Z 2016 Theme Reveal

In April, this blog will feature an eclectic collection of ‘Befores and Afters’ – appetisers and desserts, inspired by my Pathare Prabhu and Goan heritage.

I hold onto precious memories in the form of handwritten recipes and cookbooks that I have inherited from my grandmothers. Some recipes still play a starring role at the dining table but others now live only in the nostalgia tinged stories my dad often recounts.

April will give me a chance to showcase some of these on the blog.

But in the meanwhile, wish me luck in trying to decipher age old handwriting, make sense of weights and measures from a previous era and in trying to decide which of my personal favourites to include here and how much to tweak the original recipes. Aji will be thrilled and I’m sure Nana wouldn’t mind.

I am doing a happy dance and nervous jig at the same time!

Deciphering the recipes: Yes, that's the condition of the book and No, I'm not using that one.

Deciphering the recipes: Yes, that’s the condition of the book and No, I’m not using that one.


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