Panha popsicles

This weekend we’re celebrating all the good stuff that is associated with sunshine – summer and mangoes.

When the tart raw mangoes hit the stores, the first thing most Maharashtrians do is buy loads of them to make mango pickle and aambyache panhe (aka aam panha). I skip the pickle and save all of mine for the panhe.

Having already finished most of this year’s supply, I was trying to think of a way to make the panha last longer. And then, here came the eureka moment – why not make panha popsicles. These can stay in the freezer for at least six months, if you can keep your hands off them, that is.

In a glass or on a stick, aambyache panhe is just as fabulous.

Panhe popsicles

Panhe popsicles


1/3 cup ambyache panhe (concentrate)

2/3 cup water

sugar to taste (if required)

Summer on a stick

Summer on a stick


1. Mix the panhe concentrate with the water stirring well. Add sugar, if you like it really sweet.

2. Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze.

3. Unmould gently. Either run a hot tap over the moulds or use the warmth of your hands to release the popsicles.

Put on your sunglasses, slip on your flipflops and welcome summer with these in your hand.

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