Nostalgia on the menu

A-Z Theme Reveal 2015

A-Z Theme Reveal 2015

I suppose my theme speaks for itself. The A-Z Challenge, this April, is dedicated to some of my family’s favourites recipes – lunches, snacks and dinners that my sister and I savoured during our childhood. Some still find a place on our weekly menus, others are reserved for special occasions and a minority have remained in my memory, to be brought back to life now. They all have stories to tell – of wedding feasts and community specials, long summer afternoons spent with cousins and carefree days when all we had to think about was the next snack or meal.

Readers familiar with my blog will know that it is dedicated to the food of my community, the Pathare Prabhus. However, the April A-Z Challenge this year also includes some recipes from the other half of my culinary heritage – Goan food.

Both cuisines lean heavily on fish and/or meat. I have, thanks to my choice of spouse, adapted many recipes to suit a vegetarian palate.

So come April, my blog will host 26 recipes and 26 stories of food that cures a bad mood in an instant and leaves me humming happily to myself, grateful for the wealth of memories it has given me.



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