Summer Food Fiesta

Summer Fiesta

Summer has well and truly arrived in India. In Britain, we live in hope. 🙂

As an ode to summers that we all love and long for, I have teamed up with Archana Doshi of Archana’s Kitchen to bring you a Summer Food Fiesta.

Send in your recipes for summer favourites, picnic food, sherbets, salads…anything that’s fresh and cool and perfect for the season.

The rules are simple to follow and you can find them below.

If you would like to participate, send in your favourite summer recipes from the categories listed here:

  • Summer coolers – Fresh and natural beverages to lower the heat of the summer
  • Appetisers – Snacks and salads that offer an interesting introduction to the meal
  • Fuss Free Mains – Quick, fresh and healthy meals
  • No cook, no bake desserts – Perfect endings to summer meals

And the rules are:

  1. Use mainly fresh fruits and seasonal veggies
  2. Create a natural and colourful spread
  3. Quick and easy dishes that need minimal time in the kitchen

Sending in your summer special recipes:

Email your recipe links to me at and I will add them to the Summer Food Fiesta page.

If you would like to send in a recipe but don’t have a blog or a website, you could submit it to Archana via the Summer Fiesta Food Event link.

So start sending in those recipes and here’s to a delish summer!

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