Batatyachi bhaaji or Potatoes– a million ways

I exaggerate but there well may be a million ways of cooking potatoes. As fellow potato lovers will know this is one ingredient that has been a life saver on those ‘what do I cook today’ days.

I use potatoes in abundance, fuelled by the knowledge that no one will turn up their noses at dinner table if presented with this on the menu.

Of course, there may be a million ways to make potatoes. To begin with, here are 3 recipes that I know and love. These are incredibly simple to make and are ridiculously tasty.

The ingredients can always be adapted to make it spicier or tone it down, depending on your tastes. That’s the beauty of Indian cooking!

Passed on to me by my mum, these versions have evolved over the years. I have adapted them to make them my own, as my mum and Aji did before me and I hope you will too.

Do share your variations and pay it forward! 🙂

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