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Potatoes for Puri-bhaaji

Potatoes made this way have always been our favourite side dish with puris and shrikhand, and still is. This is part of a classic Maharashtrian lunch. As anyone who has grown up in India will testify, variations of the puri-bhaaji combination are … Continue reading

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Green Pepper boats with mince

Green Pepper Boats are a carb-light version of a Shepherd’s pie.  This does need some planning and prior preparation if you are planning to make it for a weeknight supper and from scratch. It’s quick to assemble once you have … Continue reading

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Bhujne : one of the two dishes that every good PP kitchen must produce

Bear with me, I know the word does not trip off everyone’s tongue easily and my explanation below is a sort of an essay. But believe me when I say, that once you’ve eaten this dish you’ll be looking for … Continue reading

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Batatyachi bhaaji or Potatoes– a million ways

I exaggerate but there well may be a million ways of cooking potatoes. As fellow potato lovers will know this is one ingredient that has been a life saver on those ‘what do I cook today’ days. I use potatoes … Continue reading

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Batatyacha Kees or Spicy Julienned Potatoes

Potatoes and peanuts may sound like a strange combination to the uninitiated but it tastes heavenly. Probably one reason why this dish also doubles up as a ‘faraal’ dish on upvaas days. Traditionally, this recipe calls for the potatoes to … Continue reading

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Kurkureet batate or Crispy potatoes

This tops the charts in our house, as far as potato preparations go! Serves:  2 persons, as a side dish Ingredients: 500 gms potatoes 1 ½  tablespoons oil 1 teaspoon red chilly powder or hot paprika 1 teaspoon turmeric 1 … Continue reading

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