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Besan ladoo

Despite the many variations of besan ladoos I have tasted, nothing brings back Diwali for me as these do. The aromas of besan roasting in ghee till it was brown and fragrant, the ping of the mortar and pestle as it pounded cardamom pods and … Continue reading

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H is for Halwa, Dudhicha (Bottlegourd Halwa)

This halwa is a rich, sweet and deeply satisfying dessert. You can make it as light as you like or cloyingly sweet, depending on your tolerance levels of sugar. In my mind, it is firmly associated with Diwali and the … Continue reading

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Raghavdas laddoo – Semolina and coconut laddoos

No Diwali at our house was complete without these snowy white, crumbly mouthfuls. So that was what I turned to when I decided to make some sweets to celebrate Diwali. The customary consultation with mum was complete and I rolled … Continue reading

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