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J is for Jardalucha Jam (Apricot compote)

A trip down memory lane just isn’t complete without revisiting favourite desserts. This would make my top 5 list. A variation of the popular Indian /Mughlai dessert, Khubani ka Meetha, this recipe makes good use of dried apricots to give it … Continue reading

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C is for Cauliflower Caldine

Caldine is quite a popular Goan fish curry. Fish, coconut milk and turmeric, in combination with other spices, lend it its deceptively mild appearance. Again, I have modified this to make it a vegan dish. (Oh, the things I do for … Continue reading

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A for Ananasache Sambhare (Pineapple curry)

Pineapple and curry are probably not words that you would use in the same sentence. Chances are you may have not come across this dish before. Stay with me while I give you a quick background on this exotic sounding but … Continue reading

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Rai chi batati – Mustard spiced potatoes

Potayto, potaatoh! I haven’t met anybody (yet!) who doesn’t like potatoes. And even if they don’t, Rai chi bataati or Mustard spiced potatoes are sure to make them a convert to the cause. This version serves 2-3 as a side dish. … Continue reading

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Moogachi khichdi (Mung dal khichdi)

Comfort food on a Sattvic diet presents itself in the form of mung dal khichdi. I make it quite often even when we’re not on a week of self denial but it never seemed tastier than it did that week. … Continue reading

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