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Firecracker peanuts – baked not fried

Masala peanuts (or spicy peanuts) are popular as a ‘bar snack’. My earliest memories of these are of parties at home: watching the adults scoff down vast amounts while we little ones were restricted to tiny bowls. That adults only … Continue reading

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Rajma pulav

Rajma pulav is the ultimate one-pot comfort food for the six year old who can eat rajma any number of times in a week.  This was an accidental recipe. I was trying to do half a dozen different things one … Continue reading

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D is for Dadpe Pohe

Dadpe Pohe is quicker to put together than a packet of pot noodles. It’s a great brunch or tea recipe and another one from my Aji’s (grandmum) repertoire. Thursdays were the days that my Aji caught up with her friends. They met as … Continue reading

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