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Vaangyache bhareet – Aubergine raita

Vaangyache bhareet is a cooling and tummy friendly aubergine raita. Baingan bharta just got a Maharashtrian makeover! Flame roasted aubergine, onion, tomatoes add body to this dish. Chillies and some basic spices start a flavour party. Yoghurt adds the cool … Continue reading

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M for Malai Kulfi

Malai kulfi made the good old fashioned way always takes me back to Wednesdays in my childhood. I’ll tell you why. Our school didn’t have the weekend off but we had holidays on Thursday and Sundays. Looking back, it was a … Continue reading

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Kaale chane or Black Chickpeas salad

This is a perfect, weather proof salad. Serve it cold in the summer and warm when the temperature starts to dive. The versatility doesn’t stop there. When we were kids,  mum used to serve this in tiny bowls as a healthy … Continue reading

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Panha popsicles

This weekend we’re celebrating all the good stuff that is associated with sunshine – summer and mangoes. When the tart raw mangoes hit the stores, the first thing most Maharashtrians do is buy loads of them to make mango pickle … Continue reading

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P is for Piyush

Move over Smoothies- I have Piyush! Calling Piyush the Maharashtrian version of Lassi helps explain what it is but also does it gross injustice. Piyush is to Lassi is what the Ice Cream Sundae is to a single scoop of Vanilla … Continue reading

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K is for Khamang Kakdi (Cucumber salad with crunchy peanuts)

Khamang Kakdi is another of my favourites from my mum and grandmum’s food arsenal. During the Mumbai summers, we were often urged to eat raw vegetables in the form of a salad. Great for cooling the system down, they said. … Continue reading

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Aamrakhand – Mango flavoured shrikhand

If the Alphonso mango has arrived in the markets, can Aamrakhand be far behind? Not in our house for sure! We continue to revel in the mango season with this delectable combination of yogurt and mango puree. Traditionally eaten with … Continue reading

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Summer Food Fiesta

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Summer has well and truly arrived in India. In Britain, we live in hope. 🙂 As an ode to summers that we all love and long for, I have teamed up with Archana Doshi of Archana’s Kitchen to bring you a Summer Food Fiesta. Send … Continue reading

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