Gulab Jamun cake – a tribute post

This Gulab Jamun cake by Hetal Vasavada was the discovery of 2020 for me. It continues to be a firm favourite despite the list of ingredients that can seem daunting at first.

I love the fact that it combines the joy of baking a cake with the explosion of flavours that come from Indian confections or mithai. You certainly don’t have to be Indian to delight in the soft and juicy texture and the heady combination of cardamom and saffron, cinnamon and sugar – it perfectly captures biting into a delicious gulab jamun.

I also loved reading about Hetal’s journey in creating this mithai cake and you can read all about it here or follow her at

I have followed her recipe almost to the ‘T’ but by force of habit I’ve tweaked it but only just. The main difference is the use of a liberal amount of sugar syrup poured over the cake so it soaks it in, rather than reserving some for the glaze.

This cake was the main attraction for the other half’s big birthday earlier this year and lasted all of one evening.

If there’s one new recipe you want to try this summer, give this one a go. You won’t regret it!!

I do regret not being able to make it more often!


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