Summer salads

The PPs, as a tribe, do not do ‘salad for lunch’. It is merely an accompaniment. Something to cleanse the palate while enjoying our mains of fish or meat. In my Aji’s house, a ‘salad’ usually meant khamang kakdi or a quick plate of tomato-cucumber slices.

However, in my adult years I’ve learnt to appreciate and even relish salads. Come summer, I find they are a great way to lighten the load on the digestive system and also save on some time in the over heated kitchen.

This week, you will find a trio of salads on the blog. They all make for a interesting addition to a meal and offer some variety from the usual cucumber/tomato combination or (heaven forbid!) ‘leaves’. 🙂

First up, is my favourite – a black chickpeas salad that can be served warm or cold.

Kaale chane or Black chickpeas salad

Kaale chane or Black chickpeas salad

  1. Kaale chane (Black chickpeas) salad

  2. Carrot koshimbir

  3. Cabbage and clementine koshimbir – coming soon

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